Benefits of Joining ZIRUP

1. By being a member of ZIRUP, employers will know that you are a professional who subscribes to a code of ethics.

2. Promote yourself as a member of a leading planning body and utilise the FZIRUP, MZIRUP and TZIRUP (Member of ZIRUP) badge;

3. Be part of a knowledge sharing network by receiving key information via website and e-mail updates;

4. Conduct research, generate knowledge and present at focal points and annual schools

5. Receive recognition and be part of recognising your peers through the George Abrahams Award

6. Be part of the annual World Town Planning Day campaign

7. Be part of a network of leading thinkers and practitioners

8. Make inputs and influence policy and legislative processes;

9. Interact and engage with decision-makers in government and across the planning fraternity;

10. Be part of a group of practitioners that can communicate and market the profession to society;

11. Receive assistance with accessing work and employment opportunities

Membership Subscriptions

Annual Membership subscriptions are as follows:







Apply and Join Us today Using Options below:

Student Membership

A Student must be :

1. A person of at least eighteen years of age and employed in a planning office; or undergoing a course of studies to a degree or diploma in Town and Regional Planning from a recognised University or higher centre of learning;

2. Persons of equivalent academic standing.

3. To apply for student membership, you must attach academic transcript and copy of identity document


Graduate Membership

A Graduate must be:

1. A person holding a degree or diploma which in the opinion of the Council is acceptable for eventual corporate membership or shall be a member of a foreign institute recognised by the Council.

2. After two years practical planning experience, Graduate planner may upgrade his/her membership to corporate for degree holders and technician for diploma holders.

3. To apply for graduate membership, you must attach copy of qualifications and copy of identity document

Technician Membership

A Technician is be a person who is engaged in work of a technical planning nature and who :

1. holds a recognised technical planning diploma or equivalent qualification which is recognised by Council;

2. Shall have two years planning experience in Zimbabwe; to the satisfaction of Council.

3. shall be resident in Zimbabwe at the time of application

4. To apply for Technician membership, you must attach copy of identity document, qualifications and corroborated statement of experience to the application.

Associate Membership

An Associate must:

1. have a recognised degree or equivalent qualification in allied discipline 

2. shall have been actively involved in planning in Zimbabwe for a minimum of two years; and shall be resident in Zimbabwe at the time of the application.

3. To apply online for Associate membership, you must attach copy of identity document, qualifications and corroborated statement of experience to the application.

Corporate Membership

A Corporate Member

1. must have a planning degree or equivalent qualification which is recognised by the Institute as being in compliance with the aims and educational guidelines of the Institute.

2. shall have two years’ planning experience in Zimbabwe to the satisfaction of the Council before whose membership committee he/she would have to appear.


1. shall be an Associate or Technician with twenty years practical experience to the satisfaction of the Council before whom he/she would have to appear; and

2. shall have successfully completed such examination and/or other requirement as the Council may deem appropriate.

3. Applicants for membership will be required to submit a statement of experience and attend an interview at which samples of their work should be presented.


The following aspects are used by the Institute’s membership committee to seek appreciation of
the applicant’s practical experience in, and direct involvement with, purely professional planning
issues in the fields of regional and urban planning. The applicant, particularly for Corporate
membership is required to demonstrate a diverse experience in plan preparation, statutory
planning aspects and control of development. The following may be highlighted by the applicant
in his /her statement of experience:-

A Regional planning experience – be specific

B Master plan preparation – specify one or a few

C Local plan preparation- specify one or a few.

D Development Control – specify nature of development control issues to be handled

E Subdivisions and consolidation procedures

F Design – specify some of the layouts

G Site planning – specify major ones.

H other legal issues e.g. involvement in statutory plan approval, appeals, inquiries,
advertisements, preparation of statutory instruments and review, etc

I Planning research – only if it can be proven that it has found practical application in
physical planning

J Plan Review – review of layouts plans, schemes, master and local plans – specify

K Administration – of plan preparation, in the capacity of the head of a physical planning
office or planning office or planning team, advisor on physical planning etc.

L Transport planning matters

M Any other relevant planning experience complementary to the above line of tasks.

To apply for Corporate membership, you must attach copy of identity document, qualifications and corroborated statement of experience to the application.

Fellow Membership

1. A Fellow shall have served a minimum of ten years in Zimbabwe as a practising corporate member of ZIRUP and who shall have made as significant contribution to the planning profession.

2. Membership as a Fellow is obtained by application to the Council with a proposer (who must be a Fellow) and a seconder (who must be at lest a corporate member).

3. The application shall be advertised to members of the Institute who shall have the opportunity to make representations to the Council on behalf of, or against the applicant.

4. On approving a member as a Fellow, the Council shall advise the membership.

To apply online for Fellow membership, you must attach copy of identity document, qualifications and corroborated statement of experience to the application.