The following aspects are used by the Institute’s membership committee to seek appreciation of
the applicant’s practical experience in, and direct involvement with, purely professional planning
issues in the fields of regional and urban planning. The applicant, particularly for Corporate
membership is required to demonstrate a diverse experience in plan preparation, statutory
planning aspects and control of development. The following may be highlighted by the applicant
in his /her statement of experience:-

A Regional planning experience – be specific

B Master plan preparation – specify one or a few

C Local plan preparation- specify one or a few.

D Development Control – specify nature of development control issues to be handled

E Subdivisions and consolidation procedures

F Design – specify some of the layouts

G Site planning – specify major ones.

H other legal issues e.g. involvement in statutory plan approval, appeals, inquiries,
advertisements, preparation of statutory instruments and review, etc

I Planning research – only if it can be proven that it has found practical application in
physical planning

J Plan Review – review of layouts plans, schemes, master and local plans – specify

K Administration – of plan preparation, in the capacity of the head of a physical planning
office or planning office or planning team, advisor on physical planning etc.

L Transport planning matters

M Any other relevant planning experience complementary to the above line of tasks