ZIRUP 2019 Annual School Opening Remarks

Welcome Remarks – The 2019 ZIRUP Annual School by Mrs. Tigere

The Chairperson of the ZIRUP 2019 Annual School, Mr. Humphrey Chigwedere, ZIRUP Members, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am very pleased to be here for the welcome remarks of this year’s annual school in Masvingo, where a significant feature of the country’s name is located. I am standing in for the President who couldn`t make it and has send his apologies.

The decision to hold this annual school here by the ZIRUP Council through the recommendation of the Annual School Committee – in view of the prevailing economic challenges and that our membership is located throughout the country, there was no other better place for its centrality and convenience for equitable travel distance for members. In addition, Masvingo’s long history should inspire delegates to this annual school with the freedom of thinking and tolerance during the deliberations.

ZIRUP has committed itself annually to rally its members to meet for the annual school to network, learn, share experiences and have a chance to go around the provinces and in the process balance between education and play, learning and leisure, obedience and freedom. 

These principles remain pillars of our association. ZIRUP through previous and current Councils continues to spear its members to become knowledgeable and equipped professional citizens in discharging their various national and civic duties.

I welcome you All and wish you successful deliberations for action resolutions.

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